giovedì 25 febbraio 2010

What's Hot

Today I would like to start a "new" tradition. The "what's hot" column, a post where I can explore the outside world with my own point of view.
I'll tell you about the three things which compose this blog: fashion, photographs and music..

I'll start with fashion and pics, the girl you see on the top and below is the new "it girl" Alexa Chung, a british fashion icon.

No construction,no "too-much-things-on-me",no limits. She's not another Paris Hilton girls!

I really love her style!

Oggi vorrei iniziare una nuova tradizione.La rubrica “What’s Hot”, un post dove posso esplorare il mondo esterno con il mio personalissimo punto di vista.

Vi mostrerò qualcosa su quello che compone il mio blog:moda,fotografia e musica

Inizierò con la moda e le foto, la ragazza che vedete sopra il post e qui sotto è Alexa Chung, un’icona inglese.

Niente costruzioni, niente “troppe cose su di me”, nessun limite.Non è per niente un’altra Paris Hilton ragazze!

Adoro letteralmente il suo stile!

I would like to introduce you to John Mayer. The title explains just how cool the song really is. Right now, I'm really into blues music. In my opinion, his music is very passionate and it comes from inside.

Hope you like it.


venerdì 19 febbraio 2010

Some pics about me

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Hi everyone. I haven't written anything anything in a while because I have alot to study for and still do.
I'd like to show you some shots about me and my dearest gilrfriends.
I really love them!
In these days I bought some things but I would like to customize them before the next post!I will show you something soon!

Ciao a tutti!Lo so,non ho scritto niente in questi giorni ma ho tante cose da studiare e lo sto ancora facendo!
Vorrei mostrarvi qualche scatto che ritrae me e le mie carissime amiche.
Le adoro letteralmente!
In questi giorni ho comprato alcune cose ma vorrei personalizzarle prima del prossimo post.Vi mostrerò qualcosa presto.
Erika Melissa,me and Flo at Portobello Market

Me,Elisa,Irene and Giulia in Taormina

venerdì 5 febbraio 2010

New look

Here we are!I've posted my first look on, I' m soooo happy!(You can check it out here
I'm at my parents house in Ragusa for a few days and decided to take pics for my blog and my page on lookbook.
I think the whole look came out well!

In these days I'm really obsessed with John Mayer, an amazing blues musician.
Check out this song, is called "Neon".

Good week-end guys! Really 80's bag from my mum's closet

Shoes Dorothy Perkins

martedì 2 febbraio 2010

News and stuffs

And finally I’ve got my invitation to! It’s amazing and weird at the same time! I can spread my blog all over the globe and this little, simple fact is enough to explain at the same time the weirdness and the happiness of the event!

At the moment I can’t post looks ‘cause of the exams, but very soon I’ll be able to do it and (I really hope!) to do it well!

PS: As you can see in this post, I’ve took the decision to write my posts in English. Because now I’m in and ,as well, because it’s a good training for my English!

PS2: Someone knows how I can take another model for my blog? Let me know!

See ya

These are two things I just bought and I love them!

Hairband & Bracelet Accessorize