martedì 2 febbraio 2010

News and stuffs

And finally I’ve got my invitation to! It’s amazing and weird at the same time! I can spread my blog all over the globe and this little, simple fact is enough to explain at the same time the weirdness and the happiness of the event!

At the moment I can’t post looks ‘cause of the exams, but very soon I’ll be able to do it and (I really hope!) to do it well!

PS: As you can see in this post, I’ve took the decision to write my posts in English. Because now I’m in and ,as well, because it’s a good training for my English!

PS2: Someone knows how I can take another model for my blog? Let me know!

See ya

These are two things I just bought and I love them!

Hairband & Bracelet Accessorize

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